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Managerial decisions are considerably influenced through taxes: e.g., the choice of location, buying or leasing decisions or the proper mix of debt and equity in the firm's capital structure, are increasing the need for qualified employees in an economic environment, which is becoming more and more complex. Due to the worldwide economic integration and continual changes in the tax legislation, firms are facing new challenges!

The institute's aim is to identify and quantify possible tax influences on investment strategies and financing policies of national and multinational companies. Our courses do not focus on tax law details; rather we seek to attract students who wish to concentrate on corporate finance, accounting, investment banking and strategy consulting.

The Institute for Taxation and Accounting's aim is to provide students with the ability to critically analyze implications of tax systems on decision-making, so called "tax impact analysis". The fundamental educational objective is to make students familiar with the basic norms and different types of taxes and their interdependencies, taking into consideration that German tax law is complex and subject to constant change.

Studying the relevant tax norms is a necessary precondition to tax impact analysis, due to the tax burden being dependant upon the underlying tax norms. The tax impact analysis can ultimately be used for tax planning and tax minimization.

The knowledge gained in various courses can be deepened in seminar, bachelor or master theses, enabling students to recognize a tax problem in reasonable time and solve it based on convincing arguments and scientific methods.