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WiSe 2020/21SoSe 2021
Methods of Accounting - Book Keeping (TbR) (B.Sc.) x
Managerial and Financial Accounting (I&E) (B.Sc.) x
Business Taxation and Financial Decisions (B.Sc.) x
Income Taxation (B.Sc.) x
Indirect Taxes (B.Sc.) x
Seminar Corporate Decisions and Taxation (B.Sc.) x x
Tax Accounting and Valuation (B.Sc.) x
International Taxation (M.Sc.+ MBR) x
Taxation of Corporate Restructuring (M.Sc.) x
Empirical Research in Tax Accounting (M.Sc. + MBR) x
Big Data and Taxes (M.Sc.) x
Project Course (M.Sc.) x
Doctoral Seminar x x