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Letter of recommendation / reference

General requirements

  • Successful participation in at least two of our courses intensifying Taxation or participation in one seminar or you have written your final theses at our institute or you are otherwise related to our institute (e.g. as a student assistant or tutor).
  • Average grade at our courses needs to be at least 2.0 (good)

If you comply both requirements listed above, please contact us by email ( attaching the following documents:
- Transcript of records
- CV
- Motivation Letter
- An Excel-File with:
   1. A List of your attended courses offered by our institute and your particular
       grade (sorted chronologically by semester)
   2. The Type of the application (name of the program), special requirements to fulfill
       (e.g. regarding the content or the use of a special form) and the deadline for
       the submission

You can find the needed excel file here . . .

- If applicable the form of the university or foundation you want to apply for.

After the examination of your documents we may arrange a personal meeting with you. From the date we have received your entire documents it takes approximately 4 weeks until we have finished your letter of reference. Thus, please contact us in time! We hope you understand that we cannot compile a letter of reference if you do not fulfill the general requirements.

Please note: Letter of reference for an application for studies abroad

We can compile a standardized letter of reference (e.g. for the LMUexchange program) for students who want to apply for studies abroad already during the 3rd semester and therefore have only attended one of our courses. If you need an individual letter of reference (e.g. for a speculative application) you still need to fulfill the general requirements stated above.