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Forbes Article on Tax Attractiveness Index Developed by Institute for Taxation and Accounting


The US business magazine Forbes published an article ("U.S. Tax System Ranks 94th Out Of 100 -- Right Below Zimbabwe") on the low ranking of the US tax system when compared internationally.
With several US companies (e.g. Apple) being accused of aggressive tax planning practices, the topic currently receives much attention in the US. The author of the article sees the criticism of the US tax system by US companies supported by the 'Tax Attractiveness Index', which was developed by the Institute for Taxation and Accounting. Only six countries (e.g. Zimbabwe, Argentina and Venezuela) receive lower index values.

The 'Tax Attractiveness Index' combines 16 components that quantify tax law details relevant for international tax planning of companies. Examples for components are the corporate statutory tax rate, withholding tax rates, double tax treaty networks and anti-avoidance rules.
The data is currently available for 100 countries globally and the years 2005-2012.

The article can be found here:
More information on the 'Tax Attractiveness Index' is available in the following Arqus-Working Paper: